"To prepare myself for an executive assignment in Latin America, I took private Spanish lessons with Paulina. She did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her. I had taken Spanish classes previously, but had not been successful. Paulina was able to customize the teaching approach so that I finally did learn. She was demanding and provided structure, which I needed.  She was also flexible and was willing to schedule the lessons around my often chaotic work and travel schedule. Regards"

James (IBM Executive)


"As new comers to Mexico on international assignment, my wife and I received Spanish language instruction from Paulina for a 15 month period. During this time, we progressed from knowing virtually nothing about the language to being very comfortable in both business and personal settings. Over the last 6 months I have been able to conduct many meetings in Spanish, to read books and newspapers, and to make major presentations to staff and outside groups in Spanish. Additionally, on a personal level, I have developed a comfort level in speaking in informal situations that was not previously possible. 

Much of our success in the language can be attributed to Paulina's assistance. She was always professional and helpful, and very well organized for the classes. 

Overall, I would strongly recommend her for other positions related to Spanish language training."

Kevin Wilson 


Excellent Spanish Tutor!
My daughter has been using Paulina this year for high school Spanish III and the in-home classes are great.  Paulina works well with kids and has been very flexible with my daughter's schedule.  We have even been able to take advantage of on-line class sessions when we have not been able to meet in person.  Paulina is patient and understanding and encourages her students to think on their own.

Lisa F, Simi Valley CA  


"Hello! Paulina was the best. She spent a lot of time with my son and was very flexible with her schedule to accommodate us. She even came to our home. Now my son has passed his Spanish class! I would definitely recommend her to anyone. 
Thank you Paulina."

Diane H.  

Spanish Language Instruction


"Although I studied a year or two of Spanish in High School, I was having a lot of difficulty communicating with my Hispanic employees, many of whom speak little or no English. I decided I needed a refresher course. First I bought some books and listened to some podcasts, but my progress was slow, and it didn't help me in real life situations at all. That's when I found Paulina online. Seeing her twice a week has been a tremendous help for me. During every lesson she engages me in conversation, asking me about real life situations, which prompts me to work with the language in a natural way. I've also benefited a lot from her worksheets, which are tailored to focus on a particular facet of the language each week, and which are always read aloud in order for me to practice my pronunciation and grammar at the same time. In short, Paulina has been a great asset to me in my goal to connect with my Hispanic employees in their own language, and she's provided me with more knowledge than I ever could have gained with books and podcasts alone" 

Rafael Shachory 
Agoura Hills, CA 


"Paulina was a God send for us. She is organized, empathetic and a great teacher. Our son did online Spanish 3 with Paulina as his Tutor, she worked around his very tricky schedule and we could not have been more pleased with his grade!"

The Dorn Family
Malibu, CA